Dover Cylinder Heads is a master at its craft and has over 60 years of experience working with cylinder heads and clients from all levels of the automotive industry.

Our high quality, new and remanufactured cylinder heads are always in stock with more in production daily. Dover Cylinder heads units are ready for immediate pickup or UPS Delivery. Be sure to call us at (423) 624-5161 in order to make sure we have exactly what you need available. In today’s world, rapid turnaround helps you make money so we strive for the fastest delivery on cylinder heads in the Chattanooga area.

You will find that Dover’s quality, quick service and reasonable prices reflect our integrity and professionalism in the automotive industry. We know that how you are treated is as important as our quality of workmanship.

What do I need to know to order a cylinder head?

(1) Year (2) Make (3) Model (4) Vehicle Identification Number – VIN (5) Casting number to identify the cylinder head (6) Cubic inches or liters for engine size (7) Engine type – found ... Read More ...

Should I buy a rebuilt cylinder head or have a complete job done on my cylinder heads?

It is usually cheaper to buy a rebuilt and recommended if you have high miles. ... Read More ...

How can I tell if I have a cracked cylinder head?

If you ran your vehicle hot and it is now smoking and losing water, most likely it’s a cracked head due to the new thin castings that are being used these days. ... Read More ...
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