What do I need to know to order a cylinder head?

(1) Year (2) Make (3) Model (4) Vehicle Identification Number – VIN (5) Casting number to identify the cylinder head (6) Cubic inches or liters for engine size (7) Engine type – found under the hood of the vehicle

Should I buy a rebuilt cylinder head or have a complete job done on my cylinder heads?

It is usually cheaper to buy a rebuilt and recommended if you have high miles.

How can I tell if I have a cracked cylinder head?

If you ran your vehicle hot and it is now smoking and losing water, most likely it’s a cracked head due to the new thin castings that are being used these days.

Do you need my old cylinder heads?

Yes, so we can rebuild and resell them. This means we don’t have to buy new castings so we can pass the savings on to our customers.

What is a CORE cylinder head?

A core cylinder head is your old head that matches the casting of the new head.

Is my old cylinder head rebuildable?

Most likely, as long as the casting has not been over resurfaced, not cracked too badly, has worn camshaft journals or broken parts.

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