Dover Cylinder Heads Warranty and Return Policy


All cylinder heads are warrantied against defective workmanship for 180 days.  They are not unconditionally guaranteed against all hazards.  The warranty will be considered null and void under these conditions:

  • Improper Installation
  • Faulty cooling system, radiator, water pump, thermostat, etc
  • Unit runs hot (heat tab on the head is melted down or missing)
  • If cylinder head was on hi-performance vehicles, race cars, and police or ambulance units

This warranty is limited to replacement of the head only, and no labor allowance is given or intended. The obligations assumed under this warranty are limited to replacement of the cylinder head only, as herein provided, and are in lieu of all other obligations, warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied.

Units held in question must be shipped Freight Prepaid to the Dover plant. It is understood that the return of the failed parts is essential and that no warranty consideration will be considered without it. The cylinder head must be returned to us uncleaned and without removal of valves, springs, and precombustion chambers where applicable. Replacement of credit, if due, will be issued only after such conditions have been met.

To Initiate A Claim

    • Call Dover Cylinder Head to inform us of the problem and institute a report.
    • (423) 624-5161
    • The defective head must be returned to Dover Cylinder Head.
    • 2929 Calhoun Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37407

Warranty Does Not Cover:

    • Damage caused by improper installation, accidental overheating, abuse or neglect.
    • Loss of time, uses of vehicle, phone calls, inconvenience or consequential charges.
    • Fluids, tow charges, rentals or diagnosis.
    • Repairs made without Dover Cylinder Head’s prior authorization will void all warranties.

Please Look Before Installing:

Please double check to make sure it is the correct cylinder head. We try very hard to supply you with the correct head upon initial order, however mistakes can be made. The final check is the installers responsibility. Compare the head with the head removed and check everything to be sure it is correct before you install. Many heads have the same casting number and will not work on your vehicle because of different bolt patterns and different size valves. Make sure the valve cover will fit. Make sure there is a hole for the fuel pump. Check to see if there is an extra hole that is not used in your head and be sure there is a hole for all your sending units. And finally make sure the head will line up with all the holes in the block. Now is the time to be sure, not after it is bolted to the block. We will not pay labor for the removal of the wrong head.

Exchange Policy

Outside units returned for exchange or core credit must be identical to the unit purchased. Units returned for core credit must include all their respective parts. A nominal charge will be made for any or all missing parts and in some cases may result in no credit whatsoever. All cylinder heads are sold on an exchange basis – unit for unit, type for type. All cylinder head cores must be returned within 60 days to be considered for credit.

If you have any questions before or after the purchase, please call us and we will be happy to assist you. Call us immediately if there is a problem, at any point, in the purchase or installation. Call customer service toll free: 1-800-782-0541

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